Friday, March 8, 2013

Do You See This Moon?

A harvest moon hangs in a starry sky
with Jupiter tagging along, like a puppy.

Clear-cut hills, green and still,
fade to blue in twilight, layer upon layer.

Each ripple of the lake catches reminders
of day, laps them up to the shore. 

I gather my reminders of you,
the warm flannel shirt, the whisper

of your breath in my ear and send them back
to the full-faced orb. 

Basalt pillars stand like giants on surrounding
mountains, watching their goodnight,

as I watch from below them.  I stand here wondering,
do you see this moon?  The same moon I see? 

Does it send its ancient smile over the Cascades
through Chinook Pass 
to you?

By A.M. Adams

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